Coastal walking ...

"Coastal Walking" is a travel blog, a collection of travel experiences that I want to share in this way. Most of the destinations have two characteristics in common :

  • a location in or close to natural parks that invites for a walk : on foot, by bike or by car, short or long, in a natural environment or in towns and cities.
  • a location close to the coast : a combination of sea, sun and montains as a special colourful mix.

... and me

In 2008 I started this website as a hobby but, as from the beginning, the intention to do something more with it was there.

In August 2013, I decided to work full time on my website. After 27 years in the financial sector, a conscious choice for a complete new adventure. I turns out to be a decision I did not regret for one minute !

What is the difference with other travel blogs !

  • Providing good information is key.
  • The descriptions are authentic. I write about what I have seen and done personally.
  • I am independant. Here and there you will find some publicity for a place to stay or a restaurant, but only if we have been there and were satisfied. And yes, once in a while we get a free night or a free meal in return.


From general information to specific advice ...

The website

The website offers free info, an introduction that allows you to get a quick impresseion on the region you want to visit.

Discover the destinations !


A PDF version of the site, with additional info, to facilitate the further preparation of your trip.

Cinque Terre
Amalfi Coast


If you have specific question about one of the destinations on my website, I'm available to give you further advice.

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